Author Topic: Commentary from Larry the Cable Guy  (Read 903 times)

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Commentary from Larry the Cable Guy
« on: October 16, 2003, 08:12:31 AM »
What the hell is this Russia?! Ya know what I was noticing lately other than some discoloration on my testicles? Ya always see fat woman hanging out with a pretty skinny gal. Itís almost like the great teams of Laural and Hardy, Burns and Allen, and Rosie and Cupcakes! It works so well cause itís a win win situation. The good-looking girl brings all the fellers around so the fat chicks happy cause the fellers are around and they have to hang out with her if they wanna snag the prize of the good-looking gal. And the good-looking gals happy cause she will always have her ego stroked by knowing sheís better looking than the fat one. The only loser in this whole situation is the poor sumbitch that gets stuck with two ton Tina! Ya know somebody is cause it aint no way Burns and Allen is separating! Somebodies gonna have to make out with Burns and take one for the team or else Allen aint gonna give it up. And them boys know going in somebodyís gonna get the short stick. Just donít hope ya wind up at a Dennyís to try and seal the deal cause you know Burns is gonna eat like a sumbitch. So next time ya see Burns and Allen at a bar and start buying em drinks, remember donít bitch at me the next morning if youís the one waking up with Burns. Like a feller said to his buddy spotting a big girl and a skinny girl, ďForget it dude, too risky!Ē
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